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Services Provided

- Divorce Coaching -

   When divorce is imminent, I will help you to -

  • Explore divorce options
  • Interview and select an attorney
  • Understand the difference between Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), including mediation and collaboration
  • Set realistic expectations for what is to come
  • Stay focused and work hard
  • Move forward, looking back when it is useful

o   Vision - Envision a life that could be yours

  • What was missing from your life? What have you been longing for?
  • What matters most to you?
  • What would your life look like if you lived according to your values?
  • How far away are you from doing this?

o   Strategy - Taking tiny steps to build the life you desire

  • Together, you and I will map out the plan for you
  • You will have a clear picture of what actions to take
  • One step at a time, you will begin creating a new life
  • We will address obstacles in your mindset and in practicality

o   Skillset - Building new skills to help you

  • We will identify your strengths as well as your areas of potential growth
  • I will teach you how to embrace your vulnerabilities, and communicate effectively
  • I will help you build the skills you need to create a new life
  • You will work hard to practice and make progress

o   Energy - Self care and miindfulness

  • We will identify the people, places, and things that drain you and those that energize you
  • You will make changes to enhance your personal energy so that you can create your vision

-Parenting Mediation-

o     Pre-divorce:

  • Referrals for special needs children
  • Educating parents about the effects of divorce
  • Helping parents learn how to mitigate effects of divorce
  • Develop parenting plans for separation
  • Facilitating communication between parents about children's needs

o     During divorce:
  • Facilitating communication between parents about childrens' needs
  • Educating parents about best outcomes for children, mitigating factors
  • Helping parents develop and experiment with parenting plan that works for family
  • May develop memorandum of understanding with parenting plan
  • Counseling for children/Referrals when necessary 
  • Minimizing conflict for parties whether in litigation or collaborative divorce

o     Post- Divorce:
  • Can be court-ordered or voluntary; may report back to GAL
  • Revisiting parenting plan for areas of conflict
  • Facilitating agreement in areas of conflict
  • Making child-centered recommendations for resolution of conflict
  • Teaching conflict resolution skills
  • Helping parents avoid post-decree litigation regarding parenting issues
  • Refocusing on childrens' needs

-Parenting Coordination-

  • Appointed by court or referred by attorneys
  • Meeting with both parents, together and separately
  • Helping high conflict parents make ongoing parental decisions
  • Form of dispute resolution, different from mediation
  • No confidentiality - reporting progress and compliance to court/attorneys
  • Making recommendations to parents when no agreement can be reached
  • Directive & sometimes confrontational in order to advocate for children
  • Working closely with attorney for children if one is involved (GAL)

-Reunification Coaching & Consultation-

  • Often court recommended
  • Meeting with a parent and child(ren) whose relationship has been disrupted or damaged
  • Ongoing contact with court (usually through attorney for child(ren) - GAL)
  • Not fully protected by confidentiality - progress, recommendations made, and attendace reported to GAL
  • Not considered medically necessary - no insurance reimbursement 
  • Referrals can be made to other professionals as needed (for therapy, psychiatric or psychological services)


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